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Death From Above with Sniper Elite V2 (Review)

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This game has been reviewed on the Wii U. Crouched in the corner of a high tower, you draw your weapon. You look down the rifle’s long barrel, searching out your mark. His officer’s cap and trench coat are unmistakable: this is your target, Major-General Hans von Eisenberg. You take a deep breath as your finger squeezes around the trigger and you steady your aim. A hundred split-second decisions run through your mind as you… Read On »


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Duck! Duck! Boom! Sniper Elite V2 Review

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This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360 Confusion and panic immediately take to the air as the explosion rips through the German halftrack down the block. Nazi soldiers file into the streets, wildly wielding their MP40s as they wait for the impending attack they know not from where. A balding gentleman steps out of a truck wearing a brown suit and black tie, holding a pistol tightly to his chest as he desperately searches… Read On »


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Sniper Elite V2 will be a modern take on the critically and publically acclaimed classic Sniper Elite for the current generation of consoles – revitalising a genre all of its own when it is released in 2012.