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This game was reviewed on PlayStation Vita Every once in awhile, gamers just need to take a break from titles sporting massive storylines and complex, mind-boggling plot twists. Don’t get me wrong, games featuring these kinds of tales are awesome, but sometimes we just need something to flat out play. So today I present you a great choice for just kicking back and gaming: StarDrone Extreme for the PlayStation Vita! What makes this downloadable title… Read On »


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StarDrone Extreme

In StarDrone Extreme, you pilot the always-in-motion spaceship through diverse cosmic environments in order to beat each of the game’s 60 levels’ goals. Goals can range from getting to the end of the level, to destroying all enemies, to collecting certain items. Each level starts by aiming and shooting yourself into the outer space from cannon. Your spaceship is always in motion from this point on, and it’s your job to attach to nearby gravity… Read On »