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The Space Goldrush: Starhawk – Review

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This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. In the first year of its launch in 2006, the PlayStation 3 had quite the impressive selection of new franchises to stock store shelves. One of the titles was Warhawk (technically a PSone remake released in ’07), an experimental game focused solely on warfare from ground and air. It was a title that only offered online gameplay and was centered around a team-based multiplayer not seen before on consoles. It developed a… Read On »


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The Starhawk Universe is set in the distant future out in the far reaches of Space where two factions a colony of humans known as the Rifters, and the Outcast, a ruthless species of humans mutated into psychotic monsters by the Rift Energy, a dangerous resource both factions are battling over.  Starhawk puts the player in the boots of Emmett Graves a hired gunslinger ostracised from society due to his own exposure to Rift Energy,… Read On »