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Weathering Any Storm – SunFlowers Review

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  This game was reviewed on the PlayStation Vita Once in awhile, we all need to put down our violent shooters, choice-heavy RPGs, and brain-racking real-time strategy games to just unwind and play something.  Sometimes we just want a title with simple, yet elegant game mechanics, so we can sit back and relax with it.  Thankfully, such a title exists!  SunFlowers is a downloadable Vita game developed by The Game Atelier that features hours of… Read On »


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Say it with SunFlowers! Take control of the Sun, grow the most beautiful flowers and offer them to your soul mate or your friends. SunFlowers is pretty simple but it’s a terribly addictive game: you control the Sun and have the power to grow beautiful flowers down on the Earth. Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your garden, and there are 330 flowers to collect in total !