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  This game was reviewed on the Nintendo Wii A band of mercenaries seeking fame and fortune find themselves on their greatest adventure yet.  While gaining the favor of an archduke in their quest to become knights, Zael, Dagran, and their band of mercenaries find themselves fighting for their lives as they try to save the Empire from a looming war with the brutal Gurak and solve the mystery behind the slowly dying lands before… Read On »


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Impressions on The Last Story

JRPG fans in Europe are in for a treat later this month as the hit title The Last Story is getting a PAL release.  Following in the footsteps of Xenoblade Chronicles, this Wii exclusive from Mistwalker Studios is sure to bring joy to our friends across the pond. For those unfamiliar with the title, The Last Story takes place on Lazulis Island, the only region in a dying empire that still continues to prosper.  The… Read On »


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The Last Story

During The Last Story you take control of Zael and from time to time his partners, a band of mercenaries in search of their fortune. You undertake a series of missions and explore Lazulis Island and its sprawling medieval capital Lazulis City, while trying to help Zael achieve his ultimate goal of leaving his life as a mercenary behind and becoming a true knight.