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Torchlight 2

Torchlight II features randomly generated dungeons for the player to explore, and numerous types of monsters to fight for experience and loot. Torchlight II maintains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor, but features overland areas with multiple hub towns, and a longer campaign. Other new features include time of day cycles, weather effects, and a redesigned user interface. Players are able to customize character appearance with choice of sex, face, hair style and hair… Read On »

Torchlight 2 Review

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This game was reviewed on the PC Editor’s Note: In celebration o’ “Talk like a pirate” day, feel free “Or Not!” t’ head o’er here t’ g’t a pirate’s take on th’ game. With thanks from! The world of Torchlight has once again fallen into peril and it is up to you to save it.  Disease is spreading amongst innocent folk, soldiers are fighting hideous beasts on the battlefront, and an Alchemist – the… Read On »


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Torchlight II Preview

Years after the events of Torchlight, the once booming mining town is once again shaken at its foundation as an evil entity has stolen Ordrak’s essence of power. You must stop this evil fiend before he uses Ordrak’s essence to destroy the balance between the six elements! Torchlight II is a 2.5D dungeon crawler created by the same minds that gave us the original two Diablo games. If you’re a fan of the Blizzard series,… Read On »


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