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This game was reviewed on PlayStation Portable What do you get when you cross Monster Hunter with the Dungeon Master series and The Wizard of Oz? You get Unchained Blades! This latest PlayStation Portable game from XSEED brings some classic flavor to the JRPG genre. But is it compelling enough to get fans on this side of the pond to wipe the dust off of their PSP once again? Let’s find out! You are Fang,… Read On »


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The game is played as a dungeon crawler role-playing video game, similar to Wizardry, but with a greater emphasis on story. The purpose of the game is to direct the game’s party through mazes and labyrinths while defeating opposing monster parties. A party can contain up to four characters. Additionally, it is possible to recruit enemy monsters into the player’s party to assist them, and each character is allowed to have four monsters support them,… Read On »