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“Xbox on.”  A soft white light emanates from a long rectangular box dominating the space in my television cabinet.  A flash of blue comes up on my TV with the words ‘Hi Will!’ as the Xbox One greets me while I sit down for a session.  The Xbox One’s new interface comes onto the screen to greet you.  This system with so many technological features is one that could be sitting in our living room… Read On »


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Microsoft Unboxes the Xbox One


If you were looking forward to Gamer Living doing an unboxing video for the Xbox One when it’s released, you’re going to be disappointed.  Major Nelson beat us all to it.


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Xbox One Unveiled. Here’s The Rundown


Well, Reveal Day is here and millions of people are wondering what’s coming in the world of Xbox.  More than 10 years ago, Microsoft innovated the gaming industry with the Xbox 360.  Since then they’ve added Live Service, Kinect, Apps and many other items to bring your console to the fore-front of your living room entertainment centre.  How can Xbox top what they’ve already done?  What have they got in mind for the next generation… Read On »


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Xbox Announces Announcement Date For Xbox Announcement


Xbox announced today that they will be revealing details of their next Xbox console on Tuesday May 21, 2013 at 10 am PST/5pm GMT.


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