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Disney Infinity Offers New Toy Boxes and Puts Out Call for New Submissions


It’s Thursday and we all know what that means.  Disney Infinity has released five new Toy Boxes to their collection.


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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Coming to Europe

DevilSummonerSoulHackers (2)

NIS America has announced that their Nintendo 3DS video game, Shin Megami Tensei:  Devil Summoner:  Soul Hackers will be released across Europe on September 20 and will be downloadable via the Nintendo eShop on September 25. 


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Disney Infinity First Wave Power Discs Announced


Disney Infinity’s release is only three weeks away and Disney Interactive has announced their first wave of power discs to be released alongside the game.


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Create Worlds With Disney Ininity Toy Box

A new video showcasing world creation using Disney Toy Box has been released.  This portion of the Disney Infinity game allows you to mix and match different portions of Disney characters and worlds to create new games and experiences. Read On »


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Skylanders SWAP Force E3 Trailer Released

SkylandersSWAPForce (11)

Skylanders has now expanded on their award winning game with SWAP Force.  Now you’ll be able to swap the top and bottom halves of your characters to get new powers and abilities.  At the moment there are 16 characters that can be purchased to swap with.


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Fan-Favorite Character Coming To Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate

Fans of Castlevania‘s Alucard are in for a treat today, as he has been announced as a playable character in the upcoming title Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Read On »


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Nintendo – Hundreds of AR Cards For Kid Icarus: Uprising

Nintendo today announced details on how to discover and collect hundreds of AR (Augmented Reality) cards to collect and use in the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising, the first Kid Icarus game to hit retail markets since 1991. Read On »


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Lucky Winner Receives ‘Epic’ Mario Kart Reward

A few months ago, we told you about how Nintendo partnered up with West Coast Customs to create not one, but two life-size Mario Karts to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  Well, Nintendo also teamed up with GameStop to give one of these fully functional karts away to one lucky winner as part of GameStop’s Epic Rewards Giveaways which run regularly.  As you can see from the pictures after the jump, this life-size Mario Kart has a happy new owner down in Tennessee.  Now our only question is, how big is his garage? Read On »


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3DS Users Get Free WiFi At UK Airports

Nintendo UK today announced a new deal with Airport Internet WiFi provider Boingo that will allow 3DS owners to connect to their service at major UK airport hubs for free.  3DS users at airports including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted as well as Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen will automatically connecty to the network while you’re at the terminal.  Read On »


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Konami Announces Release Date and Features for Snake Eater 3D

A few days ago, Konami announced some key details about Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D,   which is set to come out the 21st of February 2012.

For the readers out there who have yet to experience the beauty of MGS: Snake Eater, let me set the scene.  It’s the 1960s, and the Cold War is on the verge of becoming a blazing hot one.  A soviet rocket scientist is looking to defect to the U.S., and it’s up to the series hero, Snake, to save him.  In typical fashion, the poop hits the fan and Snake is thrust into a plot that could see the end of his beloved country.  Hopefully the game’s story is unaltered, with original voice actors, but we won’t know until release.

Aside from the obvious 3D enhancements, the title will have some new features exclusive to the 3DS version –  The coolest of which has to be the camouflage photography system.  This option allows players to take a picture using the 3DS’s camera, and the game will make a camo pattern for Snake out of the colors in the snapshot.  A camo percent will be given, so players will know how effective their custom garbs will be.

Other features unique to the 3DS will also help to augment gameplay.  With the dual screens, all the action will take place on the top while Snake’s inventory will be displayed on the bottom.  This will allow players to instantly switch weapons or tools, without having to search through menus to find them.  The gyro controls will also be included, for actions such as balancing on narrow ledges.

If you’re like me, and are worried about the downgrade to only one thumbstick, Snake Eater 3D will feature full Circle Pad Pro support. This will allow players to easily target enemies at a distance.

So there you have it, some fresh facts about Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.  The title is looking like it’s well on its way to helping fans relive the joy that was Operation Snake Eater!


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