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Next N7 Weekend – Operation: OLYMPUS

Possibly referencing the 2012 Olympic games, BioWare have revealed, dated, and detailed the next event in their series of Mass Effect 3 N7 Weekends, dubbed Operation: OLYMPUS. Read On »


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New Mass Effect 3 Single Player DLC And WiiU Details Announced

Fans of Mass Effect 3 will be reloading their weapons soon, as BioWare have announced via their blog the next pure single player expansion for the trilogy’s conclusion.   Entitled Read On »


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BioWare Announces Next N7 Weekend: Operation OVERWATCH

It’s that time again Mass Effect 3 fans, as BioWare have announced the next event in their N7 weekend roster: Operation OVERWATCH.  This weekend’s challenge not only tasks players with the usual Squad and Allied goals, but Read On »


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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Coming To All Platforms Next Week

If you’re among the mass of fans enraged over Mass Effect 3’s ending, then you may be able to rest easy soon.  BioWare have announced that the Extended Cut DLC for the final title in the series will be release in just a few short days, on Read On »


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Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack Announced

Fans of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer will be raising their weapons in the air today, as BioWare have announced the shooter’s next piece of MP DLC: the Rebellion Pack.  This package comes with new maps, weapons, characters, and equipment to bolster your online arsenal. Read On »


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EA Announces Open Beta For Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

The open beta started today for Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, a free-to-play PvP (Player vs. Player) MMO developed by Bioware Mythic and based on the hit Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.  Players can head over to the Wrath of Heroes website, download the client and begin taking part in the game that EA is touting as, “fast and frenetic arena-style PvP combat for free.” Read On »


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BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack

Today Bioware has announced the release date and contents of Mass Effect 3’s first multiplayer DLC package: the Resurgence Pack.  This addition to ME3’s impressive multiplayer is set to add a plethora of new content including six characters, two maps, and some powerful looking weapons.  Best of all though is the fact that it’s going to be completely free!  We have all the details below, so read on for more info… or wait patiently for a surprise when it launches on April the 10th. Read On »


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Bioware Caves In To Angry Mass Effect Gamers Requests

In a press release posted today by Electronic Arts, developer Bioware has announced the release of a Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC that will “expand upon the events” of the game through “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes”. Read On »


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Bioware Co-Founder Responds To Mass Effect 3 Outrage

Ray Muzyka spoke out today regarding the exceptionally harsh feedback from fans concerning the ending to Mass Effect 3.  Fans of the trilogy have demanded refunds, flooded their forums and  banded together to raise money for charity (among other things) while calling on Bioware to change the ending.

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Mass Effect 3 Character Import Issue – Not Just A Cloud Problem

Last night, gamers everywhere eagerly lined up to grab what will arguably be the hottest sci-fi game of 2012, Mass Effect 3.  Like many of those gamers, I immediately headed home, fired up my Xbox 360 and started working away at importing my Commander Shepard character; the same character that has been with me through the previous two installments. Read On »


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