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CAPCOM SDCC 2013 Line-Up and Panels Announced


Capcom is heading to the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con this year and has a lot of activities and special surprises in store for you. 


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Capcom Introduces Remember Me At Gamescom

Capcom this week introduced a new intellectual property that’s slated for release in May 2013; Remember Me.  Read On »


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New Dragon’s Dogma Demo, Contest, And Easy Mode Announced

For those yet to try out Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma, you’ll soon have another chance to sample it as a new demo exclusive to the PlayStation 3 will be releasing soon.  The trial will include Read On »


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Ada Wong And Agent Hunt Modes Announced For Resident Evil 6

Today Capcom announced that fan favorite character Ada Wong will be getting her own standalone campaign in Resident Evil 6, alongside a new play mode called Agent Hunt.

Mrs. Wong’s story will feature Read On »


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DMC Soundtrack To Be Composed By Noisia and Combichrist

Capcom announced today that the soundtrack for the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot will be composed by NOISIA and Combichrist. Read On »


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A Proper Release Date Given To DMC: Devil May Cry

Fans of the Devil May Cry series will be sharpening their swords and loading their guns in anticipation today, as Capcom have announced a release date for the next title in the series: January 15th, 2013. Read On »


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Dragon’s Dogma Demo Lands On XBLA and PSN On April 24th and 25th

RPG fans prepare!  Capcom has announced that the demo for their upcoming open-world action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma will be arriving on XBLA on April 24th and the PlayStation Network the following day, April 25th. Read On »


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Capcom Sweetens Up XBLA/PSN With World Gone Sour

Capcom is serving up a sweet tooth to console players with their new game World Gone Sour.  Based on the Kraft Foods brand Sour Patch Kids, this action platformer chews its way on to the PlayStation Network this April 10th and Xbox Live Arcade a day later.  According to the press release, World Gone Sour puts the gamer in “a journey from the perspective of a lost piece of candy finding its way to its ultimate destination – the human stomach.” Read On »


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Street Fighter X Tekken – Capcom Announces Final Four and PC Release Date

Capcom today announced the final four characters to make up the robust 38 character line-up in Street Fighter X Tekken as well as the release date for the game on PC.  M. Bison and Akuma will be boosting the Street Fighter roster, while Jin and Ogre will be fighting in the Tekken corner. Read On »


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Capcom Announces Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer Mode

It seems that no game is safe from an online multiplayer component, as Capcom announced today that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will feature a versus mode.  Don’t leave just yet single-player fans, as it looks to change up traditional third-person shooter gameplay.

Players will be able to engage in four-on-four fun, but with an interesting twist.  While fighting the opposing team, players will also have to deal with the constant and unpredictable threat of the zombie horde and its B.O.W.s like the Licker.

There is set to be three game modes: Deathmatch, Biohazard, and Survival.  Deathmatch sees the two teams fighting for most kills, while attempting to avoid death-by-zombie along the way.  Biohazard will be the objective mode, with players battling to bring home samples of the G-virus.  Survival pits both teams in a rescue scenario, where both teams will attempt to survive each other and the undead horde while waiting for a rescue helicopter.  There are limited seats however, so players need to fight hard or risk becoming infected.

The two teams going toe-to-toe are the U.S.S. (Umbrella Secret Service), whose members are Vector, Beltway, Lupo, Four-Eyes, Spectre and Bertha; and the recently announced U.S. Spec Ops containing Tweed, Dee-ay, Harley, Willow, Shona and Party Girl.

For long time fans, a Heroes Mode has also been revealed, where players can play as their favorite Resident Evil characters like Leon S. Kennedy, Hunk, and Jill Valentine.  A trailer showcasing the gametypes and characters can be found here.


While it’s sometimes hard to hear that a great single player game is getting the online multiplayer treatment, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s version is looking quite unique.  The game launches on March 20th 2012.  Stay posted for a full review.


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