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Developers Share Their Biggest Christmas Wishes

Every kid growing up wanted that one thing for Christmas that they just never got.  For me, it was the Transformers Constructicon set that had all of the robots to form Devastator.  Granted, my parents tried, getting me the Aerialbots instead because the stores never had the Constructicons in stock.  But they were only in one episode of the cartoon and just not as bad-ass as the big green meanie.  Everyone has had that “one thing” that they always wanted, including our friends at Twisted Pixel and Certain Affinity.  So I decided to find out what “that thing was”.  I think you’ll find the results to be entertaining. Read On »


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Crimson Alliance DLC Slashing its Way to XBLA this October!

Certain Affinity is releasing a new DLC pack for their Summer of Arcade’s finale dungeon-crawler, Crimson Alliance, on October 12th! 
According to Max Hoberman, President of Certain Affinity, “From the start we wanted to keep the adventure going by giving players new places to explore with their friends. When we finished the game back in May we had a few months to wait before the Summer of Arcade was over. So we devoted ourselves to building the kind of maps that we wanted to play: fiendishly difficult ones that are perfect for co-op.”

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