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With 2012 rapidly happening upon us, we here at took a few moments to reflect on those games that impressed us the most and decided to jot down our top picks for 2011.  Afterwards, we looked at the best of the best, and voted for the singular most influentual game of the batch to list as our 2011 Top Pick.  And the nominees are… Read On »


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Game On: Extra Life 2011

On October 15th at 8am, for my second year in a row I’m going to fire up my Xbox and embark on the Long Road I call Extra Life:  24 hours of gaming in the name of charity.  I’m sure that once more, around the 18th consecutive hour of my unblinking eyes being seared by the merciless television, I will pause and wonder just what the hell got me thinking this was a great idea.  And the answer will be as simple as it is cliché.

It’s for the kids. Read On »


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