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EA Sports To Produce Future UFC Branded Titles

Earlier today, Electronic Art announced an agreement with Zuffa, LLC, to develop and distribute games bearing the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) logo.  This partnership gives EA the exclusive rights to produce any future UFC title under their EA Sports Logo, a privilege previously given to THQ. Read On »


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EA Sports Reveals Road To NHL 13 Part 3: The Unveil

EA Sports released their latest trailer for NHL 13 this morning, Road to NHL 13 Part 3: The Unveil.  Read On »


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Detroit Lion’s Calvin Johnson Named Cover Athlete on Madden NFL 2013

In what felt like a long-awaited Holiday as a Detroit Lion’s fan, SportsNation on ESPN has announced that Detroit Lion’s Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson (also known as Megatron) will grace the cover of Madden NFL 2013. Read On »


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Robert Griffin III To Be NCAA Football 13 Cover Athlete

Electronic Arts announced today that Robert Griffin III will be gracing the cover of NCAA Football 13 when it releases this July 10.  However, who will be accompanying Mr. Griffin is still up for grabs and will be voted on by fans. Read On »


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