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Lucky Winner Receives ‘Epic’ Mario Kart Reward

A few months ago, we told you about how Nintendo partnered up with West Coast Customs to create not one, but two life-size Mario Karts to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  Well, Nintendo also teamed up with GameStop to give one of these fully functional karts away to one lucky winner as part of GameStop’s Epic Rewards Giveaways which run regularly.  As you can see from the pictures after the jump, this life-size Mario Kart has a happy new owner down in Tennessee.  Now our only question is, how big is his garage? Read On »


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Nintendo Brings Mario Kart 7 to Life at Los Angeles Auto Show

Have you ever wondered what Mario’s go-kart would be like in real life?  Well wonder no more!  Yesterday, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime and West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Freedlinghaus unveiled two custom-built Mario Karts at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the LA Convention Center this last Wednesday.  These life-sized replicas come furnished with glider attachments and even propellers like in the game! Read On »


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