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Toronto FanExpo Day 3 Wrap-up

Day 3 for Gamer Living.  Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did!

Editor’s Note: We want to thank everyone that attended and let us take photos.  Toronto is truly a mecca for gamers and fans of everything geek!  Special thanks to Elias Toufexis, Konami, Ubisoft, and Warner Brothers for spending time with us.  We’re looking forward to posting all of the awesome stuff in the coming days thanks to you!

~Gamer Living



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Toronto FanExpo Day 2 Wrap-up

Day 2 for Gamer Living is done and we’re heading down the final stretch for Sunday.  Even more interviews are on their way along with our thoughts on the convention this week.  Take a look!


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Let the Fun Begin at FanExpo 2011!

Toronto’s FanExpo 2011 is fast upon us!  Read On »


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