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Sponsored Stories on Facebook: Users could get up to $10 each!

We’ve all seen the status updates and mass amounts of newsfeed posts or messages regarding Facebook and their privacy policies, or how they use our information. It’s been so overdone that nobody really pays attention to it anymore. Until now.

On January 26, 2013, many U.S. citizens who have Facebook accounts received an interesting email in their inbox from ‘’, regarding a potential to be counted for a $10 settlement regarding the class-action lawsuit against Facebook, on behalf of its users.  I’m sure most of the people who received this message fluffed it off as useless junk and deleted it outright – tossing it into the pile of unwanted fake anti-Facebook spam in cyberspace. Read On »


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Anonymous Planning Operation Global Blackout? Not Likely.

A message found on Pastebin has the internet in full uproar as it appears that Anonymous is threatening to “shut the Internet down”.  The Pastebin message has the typical tag lines of Anonymous at the end of the posting, however, certain things aren’t adding up, and we’re left to wonder if this might be someone’s idea of a practical joke, or another attempt to make Anonymous look bad. Read On »


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