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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Is Live

A press release from Bioware has announced that the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 is now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Read On »


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Bioware Co-Founder Responds To Mass Effect 3 Outrage

Ray Muzyka spoke out today regarding the exceptionally harsh feedback from fans concerning the ending to Mass Effect 3.  Fans of the trilogy have demanded refunds, flooded their forums and  banded together to raise money for charity (among other things) while calling on Bioware to change the ending.

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Breaking the Illusion of Control – Did Mass Effect Gamers Expect Too Much?

Four and a half years ago, Bioware released the most ambitious undertaking in the history of gaming to date: to give gamers the ability to choose their own destiny in a videogame, making choices that would have repercussions rippling throughout an entire trilogy. Read On »


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