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The Gamer Parent’s Guide To Gaming

Last year I did a piece titled “A Parent’s Guide To Video Games For Your Kids”, to help parents determine what kinds of games are appropriate for their little gamers.  But what about those parents who are gamers themselves?  What kinds of games should they grab to play alongside their gaming progeny?  How do you find balance between what Dad or Mom wants to play versus what your young ones should be exposed to?  Well, with a little help from a panel of pros at, we explore these questions, and have the answers for you! Read On »


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A Parent’s Guide To Video Games For Your Kids

This story never gets old. A few weeks ago, I was at BestBuy picking up some goodies for my wife.  While I was in line, a mother walks up with her son that had to be no more than eight or ten years old, and clutched in his hot little hands was a copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I’ve seen this more than once this holiday season mind you.  But for some reason,… Read On »


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