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Titanfall Release Date and Collector’s Edition Announced

Titanfall (1)

The long wait is almost over.  Respawn Entertainment’s newest game, Titanfall, will be coming to the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2014 in North America and then to Europe on March 13, 2014.


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Capcom Heads to the New York Comic Con 2013

Capcom is heading to New York for Comic Con 2013 this weekend and they’re not coming empty handed.  Fans will have the opportunity to try out the latest game demos at their booth (#1604).  Games like Strider and Dustforce will be available as demos as will Ducktales Remastered for those who have not yet had the opportunity to try out this remastered classic. Read On »


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Episode 1 of “The Walking Dead” Now Free on XBLA and PSN


You’ve seen the television series, now play the game.  The Walking Dead Episode 1:  A New Day is now available on the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox 360 (worldwide) and Playstation Network for the PS3 (North America) for free. Episode 1:  A New Day is Season One’s first chapter featuring Lee and Clementine’s story.  The Walking Dead Season Pass is now only $14.99 on the Playstation Network.  The pass will cover all five episodes of Season… Read On »


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Battlefield 4 Beta is Coming


Battlefield 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games being released this year but you won’t have to wait too much longer to play.


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Hover: Bringing a Classic PC Game to the Web with Internet Explorer and Modern Web Standards

HoverAfter 18 years, Hover is back.  For those that may remember, Hover came packed on your Windows 95 CD and at the time showcased the state of the art in computer graphics.  Obviously graphics and computer capabilities have progressed quite a bit since then but now you can enjoy a game from the past with IE11 and it’s support for modern web standards. Read On »


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The Monsters of Drox Operative

DroxOperative (3)

Soldak Entertainment has revealed three new monsters in their PC RPG game, Drox Operative.  The three monsters are Disruptor, Cesto and Peacekeeper and will be part of the upcoming Invasion of the Ancients expansion pack.


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Batman: Arkham Origins Reveals Exclusive Pack for PlayStation 3


He’s Batman… and he’s back in Batman: Arkham Origins.  This incarnations of the highly popular Arkham series from Rockstar Games features a young Batman early in his crime fighting career that takes place several years before Batman: Arkham Asylum.


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New Screenshots and PS4 Release Confirmed for Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes

CrimesandPunishmentsSherlockHolmes (1)

Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to release both some new screenshots and confirmation that Crimes and Punishments:  Sherlock Holmes will be released for the PS4.


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Diablo III Auction House Closing In Favor Of Killing More Monsters


Sad news for fans of Diablo III.  Blizzard Entertainment has decided, after much consideration, to close the Auction House.


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Call of Duty: Ghosts Single Player Trailer Released

CallofDutyGhosts (42)

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty:  Ghosts release date is just around the corner and to whet your appetite, they’ve released a brand new single player campaign trailer.


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