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Street Fighter X Tekken – Capcom Announces Final Four and PC Release Date

Capcom today announced the final four characters to make up the robust 38 character line-up in Street Fighter X Tekken as well as the release date for the game on PC.  M. Bison and Akuma will be boosting the Street Fighter roster, while Jin and Ogre will be fighting in the Tekken corner. Read On »


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Thoughts on the 2011 PlayStation Holiday Event – Toronto

It’s that time of year! Everyone is gearing up for the holiday season and there’s plenty to talk about. Sony has quite a line-up in store for gamers young and old! Blair Hicks and Will Anderson got a chance to meet up with the Sony team at the 2011 PlayStation Holiday Event, held in Toronto’s lavish Liberty Grand venue, and saw some of the hottest games coming out for Holiday 2011. Let’s see what they’ve got to say!


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