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Mounted Combat Comes To Skyrim

Today, Bethesda have announced another new feature for the latest Elder Scrolls title: mounted combat.  Players will now be able to use both melee and ranged attacks from horseback, meaning you’ll no longer need to jump off your steed to fight every foe you come across. Read On »


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Mojang and Zenimax Settle “Scrolls” Dispute

Today, Zenimax Media Inc, parent company of The Elder Scrolls series publisher Bethesda Softworks, announced that they have reached a settlement with Mojang (of Minecraft fame).  The media juggernaut filed a suit against Mojang when the indie company had filed a trademark for the “Scrolls” name.  Citing a conflict with “The Elder Scrolls” trademark, Zenimax had sued Mojang for the rights to the “Scrolls” name.  Read On »


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