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Disney Infinity Offers New Toy Boxes and Puts Out Call for New Submissions


It’s Thursday and we all know what that means.  Disney Infinity has released five new Toy Boxes to their collection.


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EA SPORTS Unveils New Online Mode, New Licenses and Legendary Players for FIFA 14

FIFA14 (1)

EA has announced that they will be bringing you legendary soccer superstars such as Pelé, Patrick Vieira, and Ruud Gullit in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team coming soon to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  You’ll be able to build your own ultimate team using a mix of yesterday’s legends and today’s superstars.  Each legend will have their own unique skills that made them legends at the height of their careers and will be randomly included in Gold… Read On »


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Disney Infinity First Wave Power Discs Announced


Disney Infinity’s release is only three weeks away and Disney Interactive has announced their first wave of power discs to be released alongside the game.


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Be Incredible With Disney Infinity’s Incredibles PlaySet

Disney Interactive has unveiled a new look at their The Incredibles Play Set.  Read On »


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EA Sports to Add 19 Brazilian Clubs to FIFA 14

FIFA14 (1)

EA has announced today that EA Sports has acquired the licensing rights to add 19 new Brazilian clubs to FIFA 14.


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Create Worlds With Disney Ininity Toy Box

A new video showcasing world creation using Disney Toy Box has been released.  This portion of the Disney Infinity game allows you to mix and match different portions of Disney characters and worlds to create new games and experiences. Read On »


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Skylanders SWAP Force E3 Trailer Released

SkylandersSWAPForce (11)

Skylanders has now expanded on their award winning game with SWAP Force.  Now you’ll be able to swap the top and bottom halves of your characters to get new powers and abilities.  At the moment there are 16 characters that can be purchased to swap with.


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Zumba Fitness World Party Screenshots Revealed


Majesco Entertainment Company who publishes the Zumba Fitness games has released screenshots for the upcoming Zumba Fitness World Party game coming soon to the Xbox One.


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To The Races With Disney Infinity’s Toybox Mode


Today we are treated to a new trailer for Disney Infinity.  This one features a look at racing possibilities within the game.


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Disney Infinity Features Monsters University Play Set


Interested in a better look at the Monsters University Play Set?  Then look no further as Disney Infinity provides an in depth look.  This also includes a look at the never before seen Randy character.


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