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As Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, previously announced, received a facelift today.  And so far, the result is very nice and clean, with some excellent new features added.

Dress up your avatar online. It's even animated and plays with the props.

One of the nice new features is the ability to now go online and not only purchase avatar clothes and props, but to be able to try them on as well.  I went straight to the avatar props and clicked on my Halo:Reach Falcon and my avatar immediately started playing.  So cool!

The profile page is very clean and easy to navigate through.

Surfing through the profile pages, I found it was fairly easy to navigate through.  Finding where I can redeem my codes, update my credit card info and view my game information easily.  There is also a Family Center link now available under the “My Xbox” menu, but it looks to still be under construction for the time being.

The Achievements Page is very clean looking as well.

The Achievements Page got a bit of a touch up as well, making things a bit easier to read at a glance.  Your total gamerscore for the game and number of achievments acquired/remaining is a bit more in your face now.


Of course, the update is still continuing, and there will probably be a couple of bugs or glitches while they tweak things to make for a good experience.  So be sure to be patient.  I’m sure @xboxlive is going to be blowing up enough on Twitter as they work out the kinks.  Enjoy the update!

What’re your impressions?  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.



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