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Developer Profile – ZEN Studios’s very own Will Anderson corresponds with Zen Studios’ Mel Kirk;  Gamer, PR guy, and all around friendly dude.  Zen Studios has has some great success with their Xbox Live Arcade Game, Pinball FX2 and most recently released a new Ms. Splosion Man themed table.

Take a look as they discuss Pinball FX2, how they landed the Ms. Splosion Man deal, and how developing an Xbox Live Arcade game really won’t kill you. Read On »


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Ms. Splosion Man Coming to Pinball FX2 on Xbox Live

While we don’t normally cover press releases, this one most certainly grabbed our attention.  Being big fans of ZEN Studios Pinball FX2 and Twisted Pixel’s Splosion Man/Ms. Splosion Man franchises, just about everyone here at melted when this news came out.

ZEN Studios and Twisted Pixel have partnered up to make ‘sploding even better with a Ms. Splosion Man themed pinball table!  According to Mel Kirk, VP of Marketing and Public Relations at ZEN Studios, “We told the Twisted Pixel crew we were going to break in and steal all the Ms. Splosion Man stuff so we could make a pinball table for them. We put our super stealth ZEN sniper on the project and what can I say, mission accomplished.”  However, Twisted Pixel retaliated by boosting some of PFX2’s assets for their own pinball machine in the arcade area of Ms. Splosion Man. Read On »


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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012: Summon your credit card.

In hindsight, I did him a favor.

I love Magic: The Gathering.  The very concept of summoning minions to wreak havoc upon mine enemies while flailing indiscriminately with arcane destruction has resonated so strongly with me to reflect in my character choice in near every MMO I’ve played.  I clearly recall trips to the hobby shop in Utica to stock up on booster packs and say goodbye to my hard earned allowance.  Hot summer days spent sheltered in basements and garages, hoping that the cards fall just right so I can snag that rare my opponent was unlucky enough to wager.  Good memories, one and all…except that one time I thought Dave was going to attack me after I won the Phantasmal Forces that he had just acquired…but mostly good overall.

So when Duels of the Planeswalkers dropped on XBL I took just short of a New York minute to buy that sucker and get back in it.  For a brief while I was flying high on nostalgia and the thrill of battle.  Being a sucker for straight-color decks Read On »


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