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Microsoft To Pull The Plug On Zune?

There’s no doubt that the Zune brand, Microsoft’s poorly advertised and ill-fated music service (with hardware once!), has been on life-support for the last three years.  For Zune owners (there are three of us on this site), it’s merely been a waiting game of when the axe will finally fall.  Well, it looks like they might start sharpening their blades at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo if a story reported by The Verge is true. Read On »


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Kinect’ing For The Holidays

Well, it’s officially winter in Southeastern Michigan.  The flurries are coming down.  My car is grumbling on the slick roads since I’ve effectively doubled it’s horsepower.  No fast driving for me for the next three months.  What to do…

In previous years, this has usually been the season where I stay indoors as much as possible, crawl under a blanket, and gain an extra 15-20 pounds from all of the holiday turkey and ham and fixins’.  Of course there’s also the holiday shopping, which I try to get done as early as possible to stay away from the hordes of last minute shoppers.

But this year is a little different.  Since I received my Kinect sensor, there’s been quite a bit less time on the couch, and much more moving around.  Unfortunately, I’m on a spending freeze for personal goodies since it is the holiday after all, and being married means that I have to leave something for my spouse to purchase for that wonderful day, December 25th.

So right now all I can do is dream.  And what am I looking forward to?

Video Games

Dance Central – Yes.  I’m looking forward to playing this one.  Behind closed doors and with the windows shut, of course.  But this looks to be a very fun game.

Kinect Sports – This is an exceptionally fun game.  I could see myself spending many hours playing Table Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, And Volleyball.

Assassin’s Creed II - Yeah, I know.  It’s been out for a while.  But with a pile of other games topping my list this last year, I just haven’t had time to sit down with it.  But now it’s on the top of the stack.  And as soon as I get done playing Mass Effect 2 for the billionth time (this time with all the DLC), I’ll be popping that in the tray.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – As soon as I get done with ACII, this’ll be next on my pile.

Halo: Reach – Of course!  With the new Noble Map Pack out, I’ll be sprinkling some death from my DMR here and there throughout the winter.


Tron: Legacy – This is definitely my holiday topper.  I feel like I’ve been waiting 25 years for this movie to come out!

MegaMind – Going to see this on Saturday actually.  Can’t wait!

The Tourist – I’m intrigued by this one.  I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp and I’m hoping this one is better for Angelina Jolie than Salt was.  Such a disappointment…


Despicable Me – releases on December 14th.  I saw this twice in the theatres and I still want more.  I’ll probably watch this a few hundred times over the next couple of months.

Red Vs. Blue: The Recollection – If you don’t know of Red Vs. Blue, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  Reliving the last three seasons is certainly going to be a treat.  Unfortunatley, there’s no Blu-Ray option yet, but I’ll still be enjoying this in all it’s DVD glory.

Back To The Future Box Set – Yeah.  It’s kind of nostalgic.  But hey, that’s me.

And of course, planning the next car project to make it better, stronger, and faster.


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October Sales Data – Christmas Season Predictions

Nintendo down 50%, Sony Leads The Month Sony led the month of October with over 990,000 unit sales pulling ahead of Microsoft by almost 230,000 sales in the last two weeks.  Two contributing factors to Sony pulling ahead were most likely the launch of the Playstation Move, Sony’s motion controller, and anticipation of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360, with people opting to pre-order the Xbox 360S 4GB and 250GB bundles with the Kinect device. More… Read On »


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Console News For Monday, November 8

Microsoft Bundles Alan Wake – Forza 3 In Holiday Bundle

For those of you who don’t want to be Kinect’d, Microsoft is releasing this year’s holiday bundle with core gamering goodness.  The new bundle will come with a copy of Forza Motorsport 3 and a token to download Remedy’s hit thriller, Alan Wake.  This bundle will launch at the $299 price point leaving gamers to decide, get Kinect?  Or go with a couple of core games?

Source: Major Nelson

Mass Effect 2 For PS3 To Receive Free Extra Content, Missions

PS3 users will finally be receiving Mass Effect 2 on the Sony console with some extra goodies.  It will be including all of the DLC missions that Xbox 360 users had to purchase this last year, as well as a new mission worth about six hours of gameplay and an interactive comic to walk them through the events of the first game, making key decisions that affect the outcome of Mass Effect 2.

It will be interesting to find out if Xbox 360 fans will have access to this extra six hour mission as later downloadable content.  It would probably be a good idea for EA to release it to appease the 2.12 million fans of the Xbox 360 version may feel a bit left out and disgruntled if it isn’t the case.

Source: GameRant

Kinect Technology Could Have Gone To Apple First

Apple Inc., a company whose dedication to innovating arguably stands above any other company could have had Project Natal, now known to the world as Microsoft’s holiday hopeful, Kinect, first.  But why would Apple, king of new technologies miss out on this huge opportunity to bring something unique to their own line of products?

Because, “Apple is a pain in the ass,” according to PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha.

In an interview with Cult of Mac Editor, Leander Kahney, Beracha said that when Apple was introduced to the technology, it was the stack of legal agreements and NDAs that turned Beracha off to the partnership.


Source: Cult Of Mac

Microsoft Giving Away Free Xbox 360s With Purchase Of Win7 Phones In Toronto

As you know, Windows Phone 7 launches today.  And what better way to celebrate this event than getting a free Xbox 360 with your purchase of an HTC 7 Surround or LG Optimus 7?  People shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre can get just such a deal.  But you better be quick, word is that numbers are limited.

Source: Wirelessly Obsessed

Coming This Week

I’ll be taking Microsoft Kinect For Xbox 360 for a test drive and writing down my thoughts, as well as with the new 360 Dashboard.  Also, my holiday sales predictions after last week’s numbers are posted.  Stay tuned.



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News for Tuesday, October 19th

AT&T Offering Free Month of Zune Pass With Win7 Phone

AT&T Wireless is offering a 30-Day trial of Zune Pass with the purchase of a Win7 Mobile Phone.  Dubbed the “Entertainment Pack”, you also get access to 30 days of AT&T’s Uverse services, as well as ilomilo, a new, cutesy Xbox Live game.

Source: AT&T; ilomilo

Best Buy Still Doesn’t Have Any New 250GB Slim/Kinect Bundles?

Apparently Best Buy is still having issues with procuring the $399 Xbox 360S Bundle with Kinect for pre-order.  With Microsoft stating that this is a bigger launch than that of the 360, you have to wonder exactly how many units have been pre-ordered, since the 360 only had 400,000 units available when it launched in 2005.

Source: BestBuy

Kinect To Launch With 17 Titles This November

Looks like the guys over at Wired UK have gotten the up-to-date launch list for Kinect this November.  Not much has changed with the exception of a couple more games from Konami.  With all of the sports and fitness games releasing at launch, there are going to be a lot of skinnier geeks this coming spring.

Source: Wired UK

Call of Duty: Black Ops Stolen From The Presses?

Apparently, some guy (or gal) in Alabama swiped a few copies of COD: Black Ops from the presser not too long ago.  Shortly thereafter, the enterprising thief sold the copies to a few upstanding gentleman on some of the forum sites dedicated to cracking and copying software.  One person in particular, “Ungodly Leaker”, who was responsible for the leaking of Halo: Reach apparently had posted that they received a copy as well. 

With almost 1.8 million pre-orders placed, this looks to be yet another very hot download for the less than ethical gamer.

Source: Escapist; VGChartz

Halo: Reach Stats Updated By Bungie

Bungie released updated statistics on gameplay and matchmaking this last Friday.  Some interesting numbers:

  • 16,445 Man-Years have been spent playing Halo: Reach (Not to be confused with Dog-Years)
  • 784,000,000 player-games have been played (1 game with 4 players is tallied as 4 player-games)
  • 544,000,000,000 Credits have been earned (spend that money, playa!)
  • 3,900,000 Screenshots have been uploaded (and plenty of them feature juvenile looks at Kat’s “bad side”)
  • 5,970,000 total files have been uploaded (your bandwidth bill is in the mail)
  • 300,000,000 Mountain Dews were do’d
  • If only the real world economy was based on Halo dollars…



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    Console News For Monday, October 18th

    Weekly Sales Update: Microsoft Pulls Ahead of Sony for Year On Sales

    Microsoft this week finally pulled ahead of Sony in sales for the year by 1,000 units for the year last week.  This comes after Sony managed to have a commanding 1 million unit lead before the 360S was released last June.  While it’s still anyone’s game with the Christmas season looming, things are looking well in Microsoft’s favor.

    By the numbers:

    Console Americas Japan EMEAA Worldwide
    118,030 51,427 92,225 261,682
    92,079 2,700 68,995 163,774
    70,156 18,659 69,405 158,220
    61,067 12,266 57,356 130,689
    21,449 34,747 29,503 85,699

    Source: VGChartz

    Total monthly sales for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 stand at 269,067, 308,145, and 343,265 respectively for October.  With a few weeks to go, it looks as though console sales are starting to warm up for the Christmas season.  Unfortunately for Nintendo, it doesn’t look like the Wii will be doing well this month, being behind number 2 placeholder Sony at 269,000 sales for the month so far.  This is a shortfall of almost 40,000 units behind Sony and a little over 60,000 units behind Microsoft.  This may turn out to be the first October that Nintendo has failed to sell more than 1 million units since launch.

    Konami Dates Kinect for Xbox 360 Titles

    Konami recently released a presser announcing the dates of their upcoming Kinect for Xbox 360 titles.  Konami, not to be outdone by upstart Harmonix in the dance ring is releasing Dance Evolution on November 10th along with CROSSBOARD 7, a racing game with animals.

    On November 25th, Konami will release Sports Island Freedom under their Hudson Soft brand.  This title will add a few unique sporting events to the already sports packed game line-up including: Archery, Paint Ball, Beach Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross and Figure Skating.

    Source: GamersHell

    Microsoft Spending $1 Billion on Kinect, Windows Mobile 7 Marketing

    Microsoft is shelling out a lofty billion dollars on their marketing campaign for Kinect and Windows Mobile 7 to make sure it stays in the game of…gaming…and…phoning.  Money spent includes Ads on Nickelodeon and Disney (presumably for Kinect.  Unless they’re marketing phones really early nowadays),  product placement ads on Glee and Dancing with the Stars’, a Times Square Event and ads in various magazines.

    What really makes me angry about this is that there are plenty of innovative products that Microsoft comes out with that just get thrown at the wall just to see if they stick.  Perhaps if they gave the Zune team a bit more than enough to cover money for lunch, they’d see more ZuneHD sales.

    Source: TheNextWeb

    Nintendo Wii Getting NetFlix Without A Disc

    Following in the footsteps of the Xbox 360 and PS3, Netflix and Nintendo have announced that you will no longer be required to use a disc to stream your multimedia goodness on the Wii without the use of a disc.  Which is great, if you like watching your hi-def shows in 480p.  Good future proofing Nintendo.

    Source: Business Wire

    Fallout: New Vegas DLC Announced Before The Game Even Releases

    Bethesda Softworks recently announced that Xbox Live will be getting the first New Vegas downloadable content before the PS3 will.  Now, call me old fashioned, but shouldn’t we be talking about the game before it launches?  And not its DLC?


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